Although we feel like we were here when the Mayas were the rulers of this area, the truth is that we didn't come about until about 30 years ago. What started as a passion for Chichen Itza and the obsession to learn more of the mighty Mayas, now has turned into the Best Chichen Itza Tour Operator in the area and a provider of exclusive tours to the New 7th Wonder of the World.

Every month thousands of people marvel with the magnificent site that is Chichen Itza and we are here just to make sure you get to see all the astonishing monuments in Chichen Itza and the surrounding areas. To create our tours we partnered with local guides, mayan natives, some whom are actual descendants of the Mayas, government agencies, and local businesses dedicated to the preservation of the Mayan History.

The Maya Civilization is our passion and we want to share everything we know with you!

Our company also provides tours to other Maya Ruins such as Tulum and Coba. For now, these tours are available only through third party vendors, but we promise we will have them available directly to you very, very soon.

ALL of our tours are 100% authentic, exclusive, and endorsed by the Mexican Institute of Anthropology and History. This government agency certifies that all the information, guides, services and information provided by us are authentic and truthful. Not matter how gruesome or unbelievable some of the information may be, we will give you the facts and nothing else. No Hollywood stories or dramas... we will show you exactly how the Mayas lived and how they influenced our very own civilization.

ChichenItza-Tour.com is based in Cancun Mexico with satellite offices in the United States, South America, Spain, and coming soon in Asia. We specialize in tours to the Maya Ruins and nothing else, we know the Mayas very well and we can prove it!

Now a little disclaimer:

"We also offer our tours through third party vendors. Those tours are practically the same except for the prices being a little higher, of course, and some other benefits such as special access and privileges available only to reservations made through this website. We are not responsible for any tours not purchased here. If you need assistance please contact your vendor directly. In addition, please be aware that other companies offer tours to Chichen Itza as well. Those tours are not endorsed by ChichenItza-Tour.com or any of our associates and may not be certified by the Mexican Institute of Anthropology and History."